Waves Recruitment: Right People, Right Job

We have developed our business, based on industry experience, honesty, trust and a genuine care in identifying and acquiring Executive and Personal Assistants for elite executives.

Waves Recruitment

We are a small boutique personal assistant recruitment agency based in Reading, Berkshire delivering bespoke recruitment services. We believe Executive and Personal Assistants when chosen correctly, are the most enabling force that an Executive can depend on. They are the key players that allow the leader to focus on the strategic elements of driving business growth, while they shoulder the burdens of ensuring that operational success happens smoothly.

We specialise in…

Personal Assistant


The PA is, in general, an assistant that is personal to one or a small number of managers. They carry out all of the normal tasks of an office or team assistant and, in addition, assist with time and daily management, providing services that relieve top level executives from tasks that are associated with organising one’s personal and/or business life. They may also assist with a variety of life management tasks, including arranging travel, finance ie paying bills. Shopping (meal planning, remembering special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and purchasing gifts) and fitness (exercise monitoring and motivation, as a personal trainer may do) and even running errands.



Executive Assistant


The EA tends to work for a Company Executive, and play a role in internal decision-making. The executive assistant performs all of the usual roles of the PA and, in addition, manages correspondence, prepares research, communication tasks, often with one or more administrative assistants or scheduling assistants who report to them. The EA also acts as the “gatekeeper.” With their understanding of the requirements of the executive, they decide which scheduled events, meetings, teleconferences, or emails are most appropriate for allocation of the executive’s time.