As a recruiter who specialises in recruiting PAs and EAs for CEOs, MDs, managers and for family estates, I know the benefits that these amazing people can give. From saving time, organising a busy person’s calendar so they don’t need to stress about where they are going or who they are meeting; to enabling them to get on with what they are great at, a Personal Assistant is an essential asset to anyone. Well, I believe that, but sometimes, it comes down to cost.

does a pa save me money

When I sit down with a new client, they often mention the tasks they need help with, and then the salary they are willing to pay. What I am able to share with them, is the amount of money this Personal or Executive assistant will end up saving them, rather than costing them.

Let me elaborate.

When you are in a job role, you have certain tasks you are hired to accomplish. If you are in a senior position, run your own business, or are a manager of people in the company, you need to focus on tasks that you are best at, and then learn to delegate other tasks. This is a key part of the training you often receive when you are promoted to a leadership position. However, sometimes other tasks come into play, and you find your whole day is taken up with phone calls, administrative tasks, booking meetings, replying to emails…the list really can go on and on. Imagine the time you would save if you had a gatekeeper who managed these time-sucking tasks, and enabled you to complete the work that you need to achieve each day?

We are going to do a little bit of maths – consider how much you charge per hour, then multiply that by the amount of hours you spend not doing the work you need to do. It is a considerable some for most of us.

Then think of the price of a personal assistant per hour, who will most certainly get it done faster than you will, doing those tasks and more for you. It’s quite easy to see the saving you can make, having someone by your side, handling jobs that free up your valuable time.

So, when I get the opportunity to help a business owner, a CEO, or a Director find that perfect match, the Executive Assistant who really understands their needs, or the Personal Assistant who gets all the jobs done, ahead of schedule, I feel great. I know that the client has now freed up time (and saved money too), to do their best work, will feel calmer in their role, and will have a happier, well organised team around them, thanks to the addition of a person who knows how to help.

If you are in the position of spending more time on admin, forgetting meeting dates, or swamped by emails, I’d love to chat, to see how much money and time you can save, thanks to the right introduction to an excellent PA or EA.